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Welcome guys to the famous MUSH-Clan, an international Age of Empires Clan.
Probably you have heard of us, we are famous in all countries were AoC is played and have a great and still growing fanbase.
How you can see on our name we are most popular for our MUSH (="monk rush").
This is the highest of all abilities, which only players who have studied the game, like other people study on university, can play.
A lot of people tried to write about the MUSH, to describe its beauty - every single one failed.
Who has ever seen a MUSH is another person, who ever tried to master it is lost - except a very small amount of people, the members of the MUSH-Clan.

The MUSH-Clan includes 8 people of  6 different nationalities. And here they are:

eliasa91 is a hero in western maghreb, where people praise his mastery, pray for his victory and infants are given his name. He is the hope of Algeria.

LUMPerjack is a beserker on the battlefield. With his gigantic battle-axe the pole fells his enemies as others fell trees - and his enemies fall like leaves in autumn.

Johanna of Orleans, Napoleon and now Malfurion, the newest member of the MUSH-Clan. It is not assuming to say that he is the best player of France - and able to beat even the best of the world.

Two years ago Wichfried striked like a comet. For his legendary fight against Jordan_23 he got famous from one moment to the next and has a place safe in all books written about the AoC-history.

In Finland [MUSH]Lentävä suomalainen is a synonym for cleverness and tactical finesse. Although he has to stand up earlier for the Clan-training because of the time difference, he is never sleepless when he has to play a perfect MUSH or send his wikingers to their bloody business.

Zwuzel is the youngest Clan-member and the boldest. He is known as the greatest talent in AoC-world. Despite his young age he teachs some novices - but only for a respectable amount of money.

Sire Zopés is a blood-thirsty spain, terrible on the battlefield and beyond. When enemies see his banners they run. But Sire Zopés knows no mercy, chases them and cuts them all to pieces. Afterwards he puts their heads on spikes.

When Gaston joined the MUSH-Clan he was an unexperienced rookie. Some said he would not be worthy to be a part of this elite clan. Today he is not worthy to be a member of TyRanT or RVK - he is far too good.

We have planned a great tournament for August:

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Kommentar von american fan, 21.07.2012 um 14:19 (UTC):
great homepage, i love mush!

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