Size: Tiny (2 player)
Difficulty: Standard
Population: 200
Reveal Map: Normal
Starting Age: Dark Age
Victory: Conquest
Game Speed: Normal
Rec: on

Group stage:
Groups with 5 players, every one plays one time against every other player. The games are:
-Aztecs war on Gold Rush
-Huns-war on GA
-Spains-war on Yucatan
-Maya-war on Arena
-Teutonic-war on BF
We will draw lots which player plays against which player on which map.
Important: you will get 1 point per victory, but 3(!) points for a victory through a MUSH*.
Probably the first two player will go to KO round, we will see when we know how many players will join the tournament.

KO Round:
We will publish the settings when we know how many members the tournament has.

Final/Game for 3rd place:
Best of five.
1. Goths-war on BF
2. Saracens-war on Gold Rush
3. Koreans-war on Islands
4. Mongol-war on GA
5. Japanese-war on Arena
Important: if a player wins through a MUSH* the round will immediately be at an end, no matter how many games are still to play. The player who has won through a MUSH* is the winner.

We recommend voobly, but you can play wherever you want, if you upload the games.

The winner will get an official MUSH-Clan T-Shirt, signed by all MUSH-Stars.

*Definition MUSH:
If you play a MUSH (monk rush) you will use primarily monks and converted units. It is also allowed to use a small amount of siege units, towers/castles and ships. Other war units are not allowed.
If you disagree if a rush was a MUSH, the MUSH-Clan as organizer will decide the issue.

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